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IQ Option Review

What is IQ Option?

IQ Option is a regulated Forex and Cryptocurrency broker with an exclusive trading platform and many awesome features that this article will review. IQ Option offers excellent return rates and multiple advantages to manage your investment efficiently. Its safety, digital coin variety and transparency are among the most respected in the crypto market and its 24/7 customer service is serious and professional. The company operates worldwide, with IQ Option Europe Ltd, a corporation regulated by the CySEC financial, operating in Europe and IQ Option Ltd located in Seychelles, offering the best available services to all other customers. If you want to experience forex or crypto trading, IQ Option should be your first choice.

(Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk. Read more about the risk factor below)

Comparison to top companies

IQ Option has many advantages which you should consider using. Trading online is a reality that thousands of people worldwide are embracing and more than ever, this is a real choice. Nonetheless, caution is necessary, because such financial derivatives involve a level of risk.

To help you succeed, IQ Option has focused on several important innovations:

  1. Offering a free practice account with which to test your trading techniques
  2. The option of starting with very low volumes. You can open an account with just $10
  3. Simple credit card transactions to fund your account rapidly and easily
  4. A combination of 24/7 trading and support system

Combining these tools, users can improve their results and avoid risks while learning how to optimize their predictions. This approach has generated excellent reviews both for users, who can trade calmly with a trustworthy firm and to the company because IQ Option has become the fastest growing Forex and Cryptocurrency broker worldwide. To start your IQ Option experience today, just click the banner:

Nonetheless, there are other brokers which also offer very interesting packages for online traders. One example is 24Option.

This broker has a different profile, yet it also offers many interesting benefits to traders:

  • It is considered the safest forex broker worldwide
  • It t is regulated by multiple financial authorities in Europe
  • It is the sponsor of the Juventus soccer team in the Italian League
  • It offers an Education Center with videos, tutorials and a monthly emag

Forex and Cryptocurrency Strategies

Although Forex and Cryptocurrency are marketed as a high yield, fast reward investment, success largely depends on acquiring knowledge, trading patiently and understanding the volatile nature of these financial derivatives.. Although it is possible to make short term profit without any prior knowledge, long term results are achieved through study and strategy.

Therefore, the tools offered by the IQ Option site are so important. The intention is to offer traders an opportunity to become familiar with these type of trades before committing to larger sums. For example, the free practice account is a perfect way to practice your knowledge and learn from mistakes without risk.

(Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk. Read more about the risk factor below)

Among the trading tools offered on the IQ Option site are:

  • Volatility Alerts
  • Stock Screeners
  • Market Updates

Forex and Cryptocurrency are some of the most exciting (and risky) investments available online today. With the assistance and professionalism of IQ Option, they are now available to you by opening an account with as little as $10.

IQ Option Account

Indeed, another uniqueness of IQ Option is its low minimum requirements for placing trades. You can start trading with as little as $10 dollars, a value considered way below market average.

This marketing decision has been a key to the huge growth experienced by IQ Option. Launched in late 2013, the company has subsequently grown to become a leading broker in several major markets.

Most noticeably, it is the largest Forex and Cryptocurrency broker in Europe, where it holds a huge percentage of the market share. Although this formidable success is noteworthy, it has also been a cause for some level of criticism.

Scam Allegations

IQ Option is not a scam. This is a licensed broker, and your money is safe when opening an account and making a first deposit. The trading platform operates correctly and the assets offer give you a real chance to create a balanced trading portfolio.

Nonetheless, Forex and Cryptocurrency are a financial derivative involving risk in which loss can occur, especially for traders who are not careful about their habits. Caution is always advised, and IQ Option has several risk warnings throughout the site, to ensure clients understand that any instrument offering such high rewards has also a level of risk.

The frustration of traders who have been unsuccessful has at times translated into allegations of scam against IQ Option. This is common and occurs to other reliable brokers. Yet there is no fraud involved, and the fact is that the company is safe and under constant supervision of European financial authorities.

IQ Option News

April 2018 was a special month for the IQ brand as it launched its state-of-the-art crypto wallet. Hodly is an all purpose cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to manage your cryptocoin portfolio, purchase bitcoins and other digital currency through a simple credit card transaction, and safely monitor your gains, trades and activity.

Hodly uses the most advanced security systems and ensures that all your coins are guarded from hackers through a cold-storage encryption. In other words, your cryptos are stored offline, where they cannot be hacked.

Forex and Cryptocurrency Regulation

In order to trade safely, you must always choose a company that is properly regulated. The meaning of regulation is supervision. A Forex and Cryptocurrency broker that is regulated, is a broker that is under supervision of the financial authorities. It must abide by laws that protect the money of investors.

IQ Option is obviously safe and regulated. It is overseen by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which is the authority in the European Union licensing the Forex and Cryptocurrency market. It requires IQ Option to deposit your money in a European bank account which is under management of CySEC, so that you are guaranteed access to your balance whenever you want.

This is a very important factor that helps you avoid internet fraud and trade safely. IQ Option is one of only a few brokers, such as 24Option, that are properly regulated.

The CySEC regulation is valid in Europe only. Users from all other countries trade through a separate unit of IQ Option. Certain countries are blocked and their citizens will not be able to open an account with this broker.

IQ Option Review – Summary

IQ Option is a large, successful and reliable Forex and Cryptocurrency broker. It has an easy to use site that offers multiple specific tools and features. It is considered one of the most complete and secure Forex and Cryptocurrency trading sites and it can be perfect for you to start trading online.

These are the main advantages of trading with IQ Option:

  • IQ Option allows you to start trading with as little as 10 euro
  • The site offers several trading tools to learn through
  • You can use a free practice account with which to test your methods
  • The platform is easy to use and has several different types of assets and cryptocurrencies, including of course bitcoin and ethereum
  • IQ Option is safe, regulated for European traders, user-friendly and available in multiple languages
General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.